Inventory management is a continuous and embedded process that demonstrates agility to meet the demands of a dynamic supply market and business needs.  Managing stock activities in this way ensures that resources are focused where they will achieve the greatest value for money.  

You can complete the course in your own time, around work or family commitments.  This course has been broken down in to 6 videos making the information user friendly and easy to digest, each video is approximately 25 - 45 minutes long.  This course is CPD accredited.  

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Why this course is different 

This program is designed and run by professional Buyers with Buyers in mind. It takes a strategic approach in training people. With skills and tools that build sustainable results. Through a variety of strategies and techniques including  case study’s and role plays.  We are commercial, pragmatic, motivational and above all results oriented. 


  • Learn an optimal methodology to consistently store and move goods

  • Manage cost, risk and quality throughout the supply chain

  • Understand and apply best practice techniques

  • Gain skills and tools for mastering warehousing and storage

  • Become more strategic in your thinking 

  • Select and manage third parties that deliver benefits

Why you should attend

Inventory management within supply chains is gaining in relevance and importance and is raising its profile as a business approach. 

This enables leading organisations across business sectors to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


Inventory and logistics management provides deep analysis to understand how goods can be controlled and managed. “Control the goods and you control the costs.”


This course will enable you to know how you can deliver better value, and the tools and techniques to optimise strategy in your organisation.


Who should attend 

• Production and Inventory Managers 

• Operations

• Supply Chain Managers

• Logistics Management and Transportation Technology

• Purchasing, Procurement and Contract Managers

• Materials management

• Warehousing and Inventory Managers

Key areas covered


Logistics Management and Transportation Technology

• Incoterms

• Air carrier selection criteria

• Ocean carrier selection criteria

• Insurance coverage

• Truck delivery operations

• Measuring transportation performance

• Meeting the customers’ needs through schedule logistics operations

• The use of technology within logistics operations

• Third and Fourth party logistics (3PL and 4PL)

• Shipping and Customs Clearance

• Manage Import and Export Logistics in KSA

• Distribution Network Planning

• Fleet Management

• Case Studies

Warehouse Management and Operations

• Understanding the need and role of developing appropriate warehouse policy

• Resource requirements of warehousing

• Stores Warehousing Location and Layout

• Key warehousing activities

• Relevant legislation applicable to warehouse

• The importance of technological advancements within a warehouse in supply chain

• Warehouse Management Using RFID

• Operations of warehouses

• Required equipment for warehouse operations

• Identifying the factors that affect the safe operations of a warehouse

• Logistics aspects of warehousing

• The plan of the receipt and storage of goods

Inventory Management and Control

•Understanding the purpose of inventory management

•The impact of inventory management on supply chain

•Inventory Management vs. Inventory Control

•Forecasting Principles and Techniques

•Stages of Inventory Control

•The Life Cycle of Inventory

•Demand Management

•Stock Replenishment Systems

•Stock Valuation Methods 

•Inventory Positioning and Logistics Coordination

•Sales and Operations Planning and Process