This is a tutor led virtual classroom course which can be tailored to your teams business needs.  The course runs for 3 days, in 90 minute sections using our virtual classroom platform.  The courses are interactive, with the option for students to ask questions and receive personalised feedback from trainers who are experts in their fields.  Courses are taught live using video and chatbox tools with tutors and delegates.  The result is enjoyable learning, efficient use of your time and rapid progress.


If you are interested in booking a course with us, or have any questions about our tutor led virtual classrooms, please contact our Operations Manager via email at 


Why this course is different 

This 3-day workshop is for sales and account managers who will learn to engage with professional procurement functions during all aspects of the sourcing process increasing the chance of success in a tender. Also for procurement, purchasing, buyers, contract managers or supply chain professionals. You will learn how to develop the techniques in your business ensuring high levels of confidence, integrity and success from all parties.


  • Apply capabilities and skills to the tender process 

  • Use incentives or penalties to drive performance

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities in the process

  • Use strategic tools in the sourcing and assessment process.

  • Learn to manage key and strategic stakeholders

  • Understand the end-to-end process

  • Define and specify requirements

  • Use pre-tender qualification tools and positioning your approach

  • Guidance on awarding the tender 

Why you should attend 

With both the private and public sector continuing to outsource its services at an increasing rate and increasing dependency on third parties the expertise in running tenders has never been more critical. 


With recent media exposure of contract failure costing millions of pounds in compensation and damages to both a business and an individual’s reputation, the cost from making mistakes in the tendering process is exceptional.


Benefits for you

This 2-day master class will provide practical skills and sourcing knowledge that you can apply in all aspects of the tendering and process, reducing time costs and risk and increasing reputation confidence and integrity for you and your business.

Who should attend 

This course is designed for managers, heads of functions and directors of companies wanting to bid work to suppliers and to win the tender process with customers. 


Job titles may include; sales directors, procurement directors, sourcing specialists, category managers, contract and vendors managers and supply chain professionals.

The tender stage:
• Requests for information and a proposal (RFI /RFP) 
• Market intelligence and due diligence, strategic sourcing 
• Financial modelling and total cost of ownership
• Key terms and conditions of the contract. 
• Benefit tracking methodology

Post-tender stage:
• Monitoring KPIs and SLAs
• Maintaining contract management and Supplier Relationship Management 
• Category management (outsourcing and off shoring)




Course Outcomes

  • Mastering strategic tendering will provide a best practice standard approach for procurement teams to deliver on both business and procurement objectives 

  • This course will raise your procurement profile and your credibility as a recognised business leader and partner 

  • This course outcome develops a sourcing strategy that delivers your procurement vision 

  • Through our experienced trainers that have implemented Procurement sourcing and tendering we will transfer knowledge to you that builds value

  • This course maximises value beyond traditional price focus and looks beyond cost savings by future proofing supply chains, including quality risk and assurance of supply chains.

  • The Procurement sourcing methodology ensures negotiation outcomes are better handled with more benefits through partnership   

  • The application of sourcing and tendering ensures you have a strategy to manage suppliers’ contracts and relationships 

  • This course will ensure selection and implementation of suppliers that meet your business needs with performance exceeding contractual commitments 

This course will address Macro and Micro economic challenges and changes that impact on supply chains through internal and external analysis