About the book 

• Why cut costs? Why not grow revenue?
• Are all costs bad?
• When you set about cutting costs, should you slash and burn, wield a surgeon’s scalpel or a lumberjack’s chainsaw? Or all of these things, simultaneously?
• How does cost cutting link to your broader strategic objectives?
• If you have to cut costs – just where do you start?

Businesses and public sector organizations are under constant pressure to cut costs. Rather than react to stock market pressure, sudden assaults by competitors, or public sector funding crises, is it possible to make cost-cutting a part of your organization’s cultural mindset? Can cost-base reduction become sustainable over the longer term?

This short book is aimed for managers and corporate decision makers, whether in the private or public sector. It poses a series of questions aimed to encourage debate and action. Cost pressures are not going to disappear any time soon, so employees at all levels need to be focused on cost.

The book contains dozens of strategies and tips for practical cost reduction.

Its author has spent many years considering cost, price and value – mainly in the commercial sphere. He has a knack of asking simple, but challenging questions. Readers can use these as a bench-mark in pursuing their own cost-down agenda.


About the author

Peter Sammons is a commercial/procurement specialist with 35 years in field. He is now a consultant who provides commercial support and develops/delivers training courses for Procurement Central.

Cost Cutting - a cultural shift to sustainable cost-base reduction

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