During uncertain and challenging times procurement's supply chain role is critical to secure supplies and services.  This online

e-course will arm you with practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in all aspects of creating a robust and effective procurement strategy.    

This E-Course consists of one 20 minute video, so you can complete the course in your own time,

around work or family commitments.

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Why this course is different 

This E-Course is designed and run by professional Strategists with procurement functions in mind. It takes a strategic approach in supporting people and teams. With skills and tools that build sustainable results through effective procurement. 

Why you should attend 

Exploring and expanding on a variety of procurement functions, delegates will explore what exactly strategic procurement is and how to use it with maximum benefits in a business. 


They will learn how to manage relationships with suppliers and business stakeholders that get the best results for the business. 


Strategic Procurement Management is the most effective approach used for controlling the business operating costs.



Benefits for you

With increasing focus on procurement's contribution to business results, strategic Procurement is gaining in importance. With diminishing returns from tactical sourcing strategic Procurement is growing as a strategic business approach for managing the business cost base. 


Strategic Procurement is a continuous and embedded process that demonstrates agility to meet the demands of a dynamic supply market within a framework. 

Managing procurement activities in this way ensures that resources are focused where they will achieve the greatest value for money.

Who should attend 

Procurement managers, category managers, commercial managers, supply chain specialists and analysts, contract and vendor managers, process managers, operations managers, buyers, sourcing and tendering specialists.