ProcureKent  is our new consultancy service.  It's designed to help the businesses overcome the many hurdles they face within the procurement and supply chain sector. We offer a bespoke audit using a 10 point plan of existing practices and go on to recommend the necessary changes to ensure the business is following best practice in all aspects of its procurement and supply chain. If the audit reveals that staff lack the skills and knowledge to carry out their roles effectively, Procurement Central will offer the required training.


We hear 10 common themes from our clients time and time again the 

issues that they need to address, and this is what we have used as these

as the basis for our consultancy and audit service :

• Can you prove your supply chain suppliers are competitive

• Is your data Confidential GDPR

• Do you comply with Anti slavery act

• Are you seen as a responsible corporate citizen (CSR) that focuses

on Sustainability compliance

• Do you practice Diversity and inclusion in your work place

• Are you getting Value for money

• Are your supply Budgets under control

• What Supplier risks could break your supply chain

• Do you focus on your Vanity line instead of your sanity line

• Are you teams skills up to date? 

With our bespoke Procurement and Supply Chain audit we reassure a business that the the supply chains are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act , GDPR confidentiality compliance and inclusivity. 


We also manage external contractors and third party’s for a successful project, event or festival based on our Olympic Games experience :

• Delegated authority and authorised spend management that manage budgets and control costs

• Running and evaluating tendering and evaluation of contracts with full transparency

• Ensuring ethical procurement rules and due diligence are complied with when contracting with external third party suppliers including full compliance with legal regulations and law

• Implementing Governance with specific policy and procedures

• Awarding contracts to suppliers that deliver results through key performance measurements 

• Designing optimal structures and roles for buyers and ensuring that your procurement people and function are qualified and equipped to minimise risks

• Recruitment and evaluation of candidates

• Implementing formal Contracts and agreements including Contractual reviews and supplier audits to ensure your contract and contractors are performing to your requirements and assurance all your controls are fully operational and compliant

• Sustainable and socially responsible supply chains 

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